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Starbucks - ICONSIAM



Textile Mural
Inspired by STARBUCKS's partnership with the Integrated Tribal Development Foundation and Scholars of Sustenance, which focuses on supporting and improving the lives of coffee farmers, the featured artwork celebrates the Hill Tribe coffee farming community in Northern Thailand, the unique and fertile soil that produces the flavorful coffee and agriculture in the region and pays tribute to the region's vibrant textile traditions.

The artwork installation will be made using a contemporary interpretation of the region’s textile tradition in mixed mediums of printing, painting, weaving, embroidery, and beading, showcasing intricate patterns such as geometric designs and intricate weaves of traditional hill tribe fabrics. Sections represent a different aspect of the region's coffee farming community. Range of colors and patterns that capture the diversity of the area's flora and fauna, and represent the earthiness and spicy flavor profile of coffee grown in the region, capturing the essence of the rich and fertile land.

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