Ta Torn Yorn Exhibition, Chiangmai- 2016

Ta Torn Yorn Exhibition By Design PLANT


Our definition of Ta-Torn Yorn is a slow manner with a sense of aesthetics.The longer we take time to do, the more sophisticated and satisfied result happens. For us, cooking highly requires aesthetics, sophistication, as well as time, to create a satisfied and happy taste.

Ka – La – Mare used to be well-known Thai dessert and a famous souvenir from the North of Thailand. Sadly, Ka – La – Mare has been continuingly forgotten in our culture. Once, we visited Chiang Mai and noticed that people still buy northern chilli paste, northern-styled sausage, and dried fruit as souvenirs. On the other hand, colorful Ka – La – Mare was left behind waiting for a chance to remind people of their softly sweetness.

From then, we started to thoroughly learn how to make Ka – La – Mare and found very interesting characteristics of this dessert. Ka – La – Mare requires high refinement and sophistication in every process from selecting ingredients to packaging. Actually, it is quite a complicated craft with Thai aesthetical and artistic values.


In order to keep the aesthetical and artistic values of Thai dessert, we would like to propose a design that enhances the image and package of Ka – La – Mare. With the authentic and sophisticated quality, a piece of Ka – La – Mare is presented in a shape of diamond in a modern luxury package to represent that craftsmanship in Thai dessert contains highly valuable quality as jewelry.

Design Assistant: Sukont and Wirata Choketaweesak