12 Camels

12 Camels Exhibition, Bangkok - 2021

12 Camels

Exhibition by Grains & Grams


The exhibition showcases an experimental design process based on chances, causes, and consequences. The collection of 12 three-legged stools is created by 12 different cross-disciplinary teams ranging from architects, artists, craftsmen, designers, and jewelry makers. Each team is asked to provide stool parts (3 legs and 1 seat) without any limitation on material and shape. All parts are then gathered and reassigned by a computer-generated randomiser (the modern days' oracle). The 12 complete sets of random stool parts are then redistributed to the participants for completion (paying attention not to receive the pieces they have submitted). The exhibition encourages visitors to share a moment of stillness, reflect on our feelings and potentially implement changes in our daily lives that place generosity and empathy at the forefront.


5 February - 3 April 2022

Venue: CASE Space Revolution

As part of Bangkok Design Week 2022

Photo: Pichan Sujaritsatit