Anonymous Chair Exhibition

Thapae East, Chiangmai - 2016

Anonymous Chair Exhibition, is the design exhibition that persevere with the foundation of art, culture and history of Thailand.  From external influences which effect to the living of people in Thai society. The exhibition set up by the group of people called Issaraphap(which means “Freedom” in Thai word). Issaraphap consists of 11 group of designers from Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Presenting a vision of young generation through a nameless chair,  that known as curved-arm chair, delicated-arm chair, tank chair, grandpa chair, lanna chair, coffee shop’s chair or etc. These chairs were used in the local area of Lanna over the past and still using in nowadays. We aims to explore the old things and bring it back with open-minded. By an intention to not intrude on 'the old is backward or the new is forward’. On the other hands, we would like to express creativity and pay truly respect to the wisdom of our ancestor. We hope that this exhibition will inspire as open-ended questions. Which can create opportunities for realisation, depends on personal experience. Neither local people nor visitors. Also to recognize the value of creativity which have an effect on Thais culture and to preserve it everlasting.

​Curated by

Issaraphap + Dibdee studio

​Chair design by

Adisak Wattanatanta


Doonyapol Srichan

ease studio

Full Scale Studio

INLY + กอปร





Teerapoj Teeropas


Illustrate by

Harisadhi Leelayuwapan

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